Reflections - Liverpool and Wirral - A Journey in Moving Images 1900 to 2000

If you were born or raised in Merseyside then this video is an essential record of our history over the course of the 20th Century.

Join us as we journey through decades of memories in the world renowned City of Liverpool and The Wirral Peninsula.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we travel through times of horse drawn carriages, the ferry across the Mersey, the trams, the buses, the planes, the overhead trains, the underwater tunnels, the majestic cruise liners and even hot air balloons!

Witness 100 years of Merseyside's history evolve before your eyes, the people, the places, the landmarks, the devastation of 2 World Wars, the industry, the maritime boomtime, the hay days of New Brighton, the Beatles, the rioters, the football, the tragedy of Hillsborough, the big leisure events, the dawn of the new millennium . . .

These are the things that changed the face of Merseyside.