Mersey River Reminiscences

 An opportunity to relive recent events.

International Garden Festival Liverpool 1984 - Not just flowers - the whole world came to Liverpool for one summer.

Mona's Queen - The 'Last' Isle of Man Boat 1985 - The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company leaves Liverpool, only to return in later years. In 1997 the Company runs regularly at high speed to the Island and Dublin.

First Visit of the QE2 1990 - A tremendous welcome is given to the QE 2 on her visit.

Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration 1993 - Liverpool was the control centre for the Battle of the Atlantic during wartime. In this commemoration we take part in the Royal Review of the fleet in a force eight gale off Anglesey followed by events in Liverpool and on the Mersey.

Cammell Laird's Last Submarine Leaves The Mersey 1993 - Ship building ends after more than 150 years as the last submarine constructed leaves the Mersey.

Mersey River Festival and he Nobby Race of 1993 - Every June the River is a festival of small craft and we join the annual Nobby Race. A Nobby is an old preserved Lancashire Coast shrimp sailing vessel.

'Endeavour' Visits The Mersey and Liverpool 1997 - The replica of Captain Cook's ship of discovery and learning comes to Liverpool.

Grand Regatta Columbus - The Tall Ships 1992 - We have left probably the most spectacular event of all until the end of our programme - the visit of the Tall Ships to Wirral and Liverpool after the end of their race to commemorate Columbus's discovery of America in 1492.

Narrators: Christine Dawe, Ray Dunbobbin and Monty Lister