The Story of Birkenhead Tramways 1860 1993

Birkenhead was a pioneer in the history of tramway development with the first purpose designed street tramway in the country introduced by George Francis Train from Boston, USA, in 1860. During the Victorian times Birkenhead was a centre of tram car building for the world. This video looks at the story from Horse Tram days through electrification in the early 1900's to closure in 1937. We also look at preservation with the restoration of Horse Tram No. 7 from about 1872 and Electric Tram No. 20 from 1901. In 1992 Birkenhead is again a pioneer with the construction of a new tourist and heritage street tramway at Woodside Ferry Terminal. Two new trams arrive from Hong Kong, which will operate the new tramway with the preserved trams. The new Birkenhead trams operate in Blackpool in 1993 prior to returning to Birkenhead. We also see some of the 100 year old products of Birkenhead's Tram Builders, George F. Milnes still in operation in the Isle Of Man.

Narrator: Martin Jenkins.